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Presentation in Brussels: Report on the public cultural expense in Europe 2007-2014

The 17 of November, the Foundation Catalonia Europe presented in Brussels the report on the public cultural expense in Europe between the years 2007-2014. The report presented a first approach to a project of the cultural FEDER fonds for the convergence of the cultural expense among the state- members. The report presented a double analysis : on the one hand, it divided the countries depending pn their  geographic position: North, Centre, South and East and on the other, it analyzed the public cultural expense of the group of the European Union.

The MEP Ernest Maragall, the technician Jordi Angusto and the redactors of the report Pere Almeda, Albert Sagarra and Marc Tataret were present in the seminar. The most highlighted points of the report are, first, the important gap between norden countries and southern countries of the union. This is due to the economic siuation of the southern countries of Europe.The ¨cultural localization ¨ is another phenomenon perceived and treaty to the report: it translates in a greater cultural expense for part from the city councils.

All the presents agreed that this problematic has to be resolve through measures to reduce this divergence, for example, a greater public expense in culture of the state members helped by new European fonds or the proposal to establish a maximum level of cultural VAT.


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