Research of the Legacy Pasqual Maragall

Research Aid "Legacy Pasqual Maragall"

Within the framework of the "Legacy Pasqual Maragall" program, the Fundació Catalunya Europa annually awards a Research Aid of € 5.000 to research groups or individual researchers who want to develop a project that focuses on one of the major axes that were key in the policies and the thought of Pasqual Maragall (Europe, democracy, cities, federalism, Mediterranean, etc.). Mariona Tomàs, Marc Pradel, the group led by Rossella Nicolini or Javier Martínez Cantó are some of the winners of this Aid. The period of call for this aid begins annually between February and March.


At the same time, the foundation orders some working papers that also deal with key issues in the policies and thinking of Pasqual Maragall.


Periodically, the Foundation organizes seminars and activities related to the Pasqual Maragall Legacy with the aim of disseminating the thought and action of the Catalan politician's government.