Catalunya Europa Foundation

Mission and objectives

The Fundació Catalunya Europa / Llegat Pasqual Maragall was born in 2007 as a result of the Europeanist vocation of President Pasqual Maragall and is oriented towards the search for the European ideal of democracy, pluralism and economic and social equity.

The Foundation is inspired by the basic lines of thought and public action of its founder. Based on the political and intellectual legacy of Pasqual Maragall and through reflection, debate and communication, the Foundation aims to promote

  • The active involvement of Catalan society in a united Europe with more democratic quality and more social justice;
  • Strengthening the global role of urban agglomerations as spaces for social transformation, the struggle for environmental sustainability and democratic innovation;
  • The permanent dialogue between Catalonia and the other peoples of Spain and Europe, from the respect for their national personality, the recognition of their diversity and their necessary cooperation.

With the aim of becoming a social actor, the Fundació Catalunya Europa - Llegat Pasqual Maragall wants to activate citizen debate, research, publications and training activities, preparing proposals on its own initiative or in collaboration with other institutions and entities that share similar goals.

To develop these objectives, the FCE carries out the following activities:

  • Debates: regularly organizes cycles of conferences and round tables that host prominent speakers from the political, cultural and intellectual world at both Catalan and European level, in order to discuss different issues of Catalan and European reality while raising public awareness.
  • Studies, research and publications: From the Foundation’s team, through fellowships or in collaboration with other institutions and experts, the Foundation develops its research and analysis projects on the established axes and topics.
  • Seminars: to facilitate workspaces between professionals from various fields for the analysis and proposal of actions with a clear will to influence.
  • Awards and Scholarships: to promote research on key topics for Catalonia and Europe and to identify young talents in the academic and scientific field. Also, collaborate with academic institutions to facilitate bridges between the world of education and the professional.