Catalunya Europa Foundation

Mission and objectives

The Catalunya Europa Foundation was created in 2007 with the purpose of investing in the investigation of the European ideal of democracy, civic, economic and social. With the certainty that Catalonia can contribute a lot, but learn even more. The activity of the Foundation is guided by the conviction of the free circulation of ideas, projects and experiences for creativity and the strengthening of Catalan society.

Since its beginnings, the pro-European vocation of President Maragall has been present in its founding objective. Subsequently, these objectives have been extended and as a result of their personal situation, the Legacy Pasqual Maragall program, since 2013, has been focused on the activity of the same.

Today, the Catalunya Europa Foundation develops its activity as a think tank at the service of the ideas and values that created it and directs its work towards the great global challenges, the future of Europe, the strengthening and fit of Catalonia and the development of cities and metropolises.

The Catalunya Europa Foundation (FCE) is a non-profit private foundation that is ideologically plural and independent and financed by entrepreneurial contributions, individual contributions and public subsidies resulting from its activity.

The Foundation has counted from its beginnings with a patronage formed by people from the environment of Pasqual Maragall, as well as representatives of the economic, social and political world. The Foundation also has the important task of an advisory adviser formed by diverse personalities that contribute a wide view to the objectives and to the Foundation and that currently is presided over by Antoni Castells and an academic Council, currently chaired by Isidre Molas, who advises and supervises the main activities of the Foundation.

The Mission

The Catalunya Europa Foundation was created in 2007 with the mission of:

  • Lead a space of thought that from the political catalanism and the values ??of progress, equity, and democracy, reflects on the main collective challenges of our society. The Foundation is intrinsically linked to the construction of the European project from federalism and subsidiarity: making Europe present in Catalonia and Catalonia in Europe. The Foundation wants to become a public reference point with a clear will of transversality and collaboration among institutions, experts, professionals and citizens, from an active commitment to the plural and diversity.
  • Analyze and disseminate Pasqual Maragall's thought and political action by updating and expanding the broad areas that define it, in order to provide answers with global challenges for the future. At the same time, manage the archive of Pasqual Maragall to offer opportunities for study and analysis of his personal and political career.
  • Promote debate and the generation of knowledge in the lines of interest of the FCE, articulating the Catalan and European perspective and involving the business, social, political and institutional sectors.

For the development of these objectives, the FCE carries out the following activities:

  • Debates: periodically organizes cycles of conferences and round tables that welcome leading speakers from the political, cultural and intellectual world, both at a Catalan and European level, in order to debate different topics of the Catalan and European reality, raising awareness among citizens.
  • Studies, research and publications: From the Foundation's team, through fellowships or in collaboration with other institutions and experts, the Foundation develops its research and analysis projects on the axes and themes established.
  • Seminars: facilitate work spaces between professionals from different fields for the analysis and proposal of actions with a clear will to influence.
  • Meetings and calls: organize informal spaces for the exchange of current ideas with the aim of networking and articulating different sectors of society.
  • Awards and Scholarships: promote research on key issues for Catalonia and Europe and identify young talents in the academic and scientific fields. Also, collaborate with academic institutions to facilitate bridges between the educational and professional world.


§   DEMOCRACY: the complexity of today's world claims to find global answers based on democratic values ??and principles, respect and protection of human rights, the recognition of diversity and pluralism and the promotion of equity and equality. social justice.

§   SUSTAINABILITY: the action of the present has effects in the future and today we know that it is essential to preserve solidarity between generations and the link between societies and the environment and their environment, satisfying human needs and ensuring the energy flow and circularity economic

§   EQUITY AND SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMY: a free and efficient market calls for regulation and a public sector that solves externalities.  Minimize negative and maximizing positive ones, a fair and equitable distribution of wealth and where everyone can develop their creative potential and transformer.

§  SUBSIDIARITY: all public and collective action will be carried out at the political and administrative level closest to the citizenship and that can be developed in the most optimal and efficient way.

§   MULTIRALITY: if subsidiarity makes sense in a multilevel structure, in the framework of the international community they need multilateral agreements between equal actors with the capacity to resolve global conflicts.