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Research Seminar - Llegat Pasqual Maragall

Last Friday, June 19, the three investigations carried out during 2014-15 under the Llegat Pasqual Maragall program were presented. The session, which took place at the Law College of Barcelona from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., was organized in a seminar format where the proposals of each search could be presented and discussed in three consecutive sessions.

In the first place, the winner of the first call for research grants Maragall, Marc Pradel, professor of sociology at the UB, presented the approach and advanced work of his research "The impact of the municipalism of Pasqual Margall on the governance of Catalonia" that is still in the preparation phase. The exhibition counted on the comments of Oriol Nel·lo, a geographer specialized in urban studies.

Two smaller orders that were presented at the seminar were also produced from the same call for research grants.

On the one hand, political science professors Xavier Ballart (UAB) and Andrea Noferini (UAB and UPF) presented their search "Pasqual Maragall: Leadership and strategic management" which featured the comments of Joan Fuster, PhD in History by UPF .

And finally the session concluded with the presentation of the research by the political scientist Albert Aixalà "Maragall's contribution to the promotion and projection of a European movement of cities (1991-1998)" with the comments of M. Antonia Sabartés, geographer and director of Relationships Internationals of the Barcelona City Council with Mayor Pasqual Maragall.

The seminar was attended by fifteen invited guests and collaborators of Pasqual Maragall.