Conclusions of the seminar "Is the Eurodistrict possible today?"

The Catalonia Europe Foundation has published the conclusions of the seminar "Is the Eurodistrict possible today?", which can be found attached below. A document that sees in this instrument of cooperation a tool to solve problems such as mobility, languages, the labor market, the management of waste or natural spaces.

The objective of this meeting, held on March 9 and organized by the Delegation in the Empordà of the Catalonia Europe Foundation and the University of Girona, was to reflect and discuss the need or validity of this failed project, almost ten years after the start of its writing. The speakers note that the different governments have had oscillating positions, which has suppressed their momentum. Obstacle to which we must add new political uncertainties, such as a new French region and the political future of Catalonia.

However, there are framework agreements between the institutions where the will to move towards the consolidation of the Eurodistrict is manifested. Any project to promote the Eurodistrict, in this sense, must have the involvement of City Councils and social agents such as universities, which can bet on a cross-border future. To move forward, these initiatives must avoid possible political uncertainties that may curb their discourse. And there is enough room in the territory: There are multiple initiatives that show that we are in a dynamic space and with signs of cohesion. The Eurodistrict can boost it even more.