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Partnership agreement to celebrate Europe Day

The Catalunya Europa Foundation and the Molins de Rei City Council have renewed their collaboration to promote and bring closer knowledge and the reality of Europe, with the joint organisation of a series of cultural and youth activities to mark Europe Day on 9 May.

To this end, the director of the Catalunya Europa Foundation, Dolors Camats, and the mayor of Molins de Rei, Xavi Paz, have signed on Thursday, March 23 for the second year a collaboration agreement between both entities.

In the act of signing the agreement, Dolors Camats has revealed "the commitment to publicize the European reality, which may seem distant and distant, but which is very present in the day to day of the municipalities".

For his part, the mayor, Xavi Paz, has highlighted the need to carry out this program of activities, since "we have the responsibility to make pedagogy and a task of dissemination to bring the European reality to the citizenship and at the same time bring the neighbors to Europe". It should be noted that Molins de Rei is one of the few municipalities that has a Department of European Affairs. The head of this area, Alex Herrero, wanted to add that "Europe is made up of municipalities, so, from local authorities, we must be part of what is done and passes Europe".

Success of the first edition of the European Week.

The collaboration between the Catalunya Europa Foundation and the Molins de Rei City Council began with the celebration of the European Week of Molins de Rei, between 9 and 14 May 2022.

Within the framework of these activities, on Monday 9 May, the mayor, Xavi Paz, and the Councillor for European Affairs, Alex Herrero, read the manifesto of Europe Day in the Council place in defense of the integration of the European Union at a time of migration crisis, social and economic.

Finally, on Sunday 15 May at the Teatro La Peni was held the concert "Lieder de Schubert, Korngold and Mahler" with Andrè Schuen, baritone; Daniel Heide, piano. In addition, on Friday, May 6, a workshop on Europe was held at the Workers' Federation Cultural Center for high school students of the Instituto Bernat El Ferrer by Joaquim Millan, director of Eurolocal.

The Workers' Federation Cultural Centre also hosted the photo exhibition "What is Europe for you?" , a compilation of the winning and finalist works of the "What is Europe for you?" , aimed at students of ESO, baccalaureate and training cycles of educational centers in Catalonia and which has been promoted by the Fundación Catalunya Europa and the European Union.


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