The promotion of the sustainable rehabilitation of the built heritage

After the Municipal Housing Conference which reflected on one of the great challenges of cities from different points of view, the Fundació Catalunya Europa, in the framework of the program "Re-City in action" has organized workshops dedicated to reflection on the promotion of sustainable rehabilitation in the built heritage. These workshops, aimed at technicians from the public and private sector, and political positions of councils and supra-municipal bodies, have aimed to promote changes in cities from an existing project, the "Renew the neighborhoods of Santa Coloma de Gramenet ".

The workshops have been divided into two parts, a first common part, which has been moderated by the architect, urban planner and member of the Board of Trustees of the Fundació Catalunya Europa, Maria Buhigas, the coordinator of the Technical Area of ??the Consortium of Housing in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, Jordi Mas, who explained the operation of the Metropolitan Housing Rehabilitation Plan and the architect, coordinator of Health and Architecture of the COAC, Sonia Hernández-Montaño, who explained the bases of what is meant by sustainable rehabilitation.

In the second part, the participants were able to choose between three parallel workshops: A first, on the analysis of the technical part and replicability of the project "Renovem els Barris" of Santa Coloma de Gramenet with Rosina Vinyes, Town Planning Advisor , Housing and Public Space of the Territorial Services of Santa Coloma de Gramenet. The second workshop was dedicated to the analysis of the cultural change needed to promote rehabilitation, with Jordi Ayats, Director of the EuroPACE Foundation. And, finally, a session on innovative rehabilitation financing models with Jordi Salvador, auditor of Olot City Council. The participants of the three groups also worked with a joint document based on a collaborative tool that allowed them to simultaneously view the work of the different workshops.

The transformation of the city is a series of debates organized by the Fundació Catalunya Europa with the support of the Club of Rome Office in Barcelona and the Fundació la Caixa.The program has the support of Barcelona City Council, the AMB, the Diputació de Barcelona, the city councils of Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Sant Boi de Llobregat and the collaboration of the PEMB and Barcelona Global.