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Seminar with Oscar Monterde

Barcelona capital of the Mediterranean. Local democracy and the fight for peace

The Catalunya Europe Foundation has presented, in the form of a seminar, the first conclusions of the research of Oscar Monterde, winner of the Research Grant "Llegat Pasqual Maragall 2019". The research director, Oriol Nel·lo, has participated in it. Anna Terrón, current director of the International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies and a member of the FCE executive, has intervened as a discussant.

Monterde highlighted the importance of the new international realities and the new powers in the international sphere, among which cities have an increasingly prominent role. The historian has focused his research on international politics developed by Pasqual Maragall during his time as mayor of Barcelona based on 3 ideas, the Mediterranean and its network of cities, international leadership based on drawing a local diplomacy and the binomial Europe- Mediterranean.

The seminar had the participation of about thirty people, many of them professionally dedicated to international relations from the local level.