Webinar: The consequences of inequalities

Date: 19 de marzo

Hour: 11 AM (CET)

Online activity. Registration

The webinar will be the opportunity to learn about what inequalities supposes for a world where inequalities are higher than a few decades ago. Inequality is a huge social, health and economic problem?—?not only within countries but also between cities. The growth of mega-cities, particularly in the Global South and in Asia is creating massive social, health, economic, and environmental challenges. These cities are facing water and energy shortages, issues with waste management, and social unrest driven by economic inequality, to name just a few of their common problems.

Learning Objectives:

1) To understand the consequences of inequality and the impact on society

2) To understand the strong correlation between inequality and social problems

3) To raise awareness to local authorities about the impacts of inequality in daily-basis life in cities.

Duration: 45 minutes


The webinar will be conducted in English only.

This webinar is the first of a cycle of 3 webinars about inequalities organized jointly with the Catalunya Europa Foundation. Re-City, an International Platform for Social Sustainability, is a project developed by Fundació Catalunya Europa  and supported by Area Metropolitana de Barcelona (Barcelona Metropolitan Area), the Barcelona City Council, Generalitat de Catalunya, la Caixa and The Club of Rome.