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FCE presents the project "Combating inequalities: the great global challenge"

The Nobel Prize for Economics (2001) Joseph Stiglitz opens on June 2 the project "Combating inequalities: the great global challenge" by providing his critical and constructive vision with the political and economic system. Stiglitz will talk about the growing trend of the concentration of wealth in Europe and especially in the United States and on the factors that have accelerated the increase in inequality in recent years, such as those related to globalization and technological change. A process that is leading to the emergence of a new global elite, 1%, which accumulates wealth while labor is precarious, the growth potential of the economy as a whole is eroded and the liberal democratic systems are weakened.

This initiative comes from the momentum of the Catalunya Europa Foundation, with the support and collaboration of the Department of Labor, Welfare and Family of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the La Caixa Foundation and the Club of Rome and will be developed in 2017-2018. Palau Macaya.

Inequality as an endemic phenomenon of contemporary societies around the world requires reflection, debate and awareness of societies in order to slow down their evolution and reduce their impact in the coming decades. The objective of the project is to generate a public debate about inequality, identify key issues, and develop proposals and instruments to share with local and global actors.

The development of the project is coordinated by Pere Almeda and the management team of the Catalonia Europa Foundation. Each session has a coordinator who defines the objectives and topics for debate and is responsible for preparing the final article that synthesizes the whole discussion.

All the information about the program and the activities on the web: http://desigualtats.catalunyaeuropa.net/