"The predistribution to fight inequalities", Jacob Hacker

Jacob Hacker, political scientist, argues that we have to emphasize the fight against the origin of social inequalities, in order words, the regulation of markets and the institutional quality from public policies, instead of only focusing on fighting the effects, like we have been during the last few decades in developed countries with redistributive policies. Hacker says that the main causes of inequality, and that have brought as to the situation of “winner takes all politics” are basically the de-regulation of the financial sector and the descent of union activities, that has brought more downfalls to social mobility. Hacker suggests a different approach from the economical system dominating in developed countries, where redistributive policies would work as a complement of pre-distributive policies. Hacker defines the Pre-distribution as the “idea that the state should try to prevent the inequalities before they are produced, instead of basing in re-distribution through an imposing system to fight inequalities that are already visible”. This concept, like the necessary conditions to make the system work, are developed in this document.


Inequalities  Economy  Re-City  Re-Think