Working paper

The region of Girona as an example

Pasqual Maragall: An European, Catalan and municipal view

The working paper "Pasqual Maragall: A European, Catalan and Municipal Look. The Region of Girona as an Example" aims to better understand the supra-municipal thinking of Pasqual Maragall, through its relation with the Girona region. Pasqual Maragall's relationship with the Girona region is peculiar and intense, both for personal and political reasons. Maragall does not relate to Girona through a concrete and well-defined project, but there are enough links to allow this relationship to not require intermediaries.

Proposals and projects such as the strategic role of Girona in the Euroregion project or the commitment of Banyoles as the Olympic sub-office, go beyond the framework of Girona's politics and are linked with a certain vision of Catalonia as a whole and its location in Spain. and in Europe. Also from the time of the presidency of the Generalitat, projects such as the Infrastructure Plan, the Neighborhood Law or the Landscape Observatory, to name a few, have a specific projection on the Girona region.

This project has been carried out in collaboration with the University of Girona and the support of the Diputació de Girona.