Pasqual Maragall Legacy

I re-born that day...

With these words Pasqual describes, in his memoirs Unfinished Ode, the day he met Diana. It was 1963 and they were just around 20 years old. From that day on they stayed together, studied, got married, lived in Paris, started working, had two daughters, lived in New York, continued studying, and then more reading, debating, discovering, traveling, thinking, watching, blooming in family and friends, listening, Baltimore, another son, continue to learn, to grow, to plan and to create. They shared 57 years. A fulfilling life for them, and generous for all.

2020 has been a painful year for everyone, everywhere. We miss our mother, and our father misses Diana. Not forgetting her honours their own story. The strength of what they came to be and to build together inspire us to keep working for a better world.

The biggest challenge is to do it in the same way that Diana and Pasqual always did: with conviction, sensitivity and respect for all ideas.

From the Fundació Catalunya Europa we encourage you to join us in this purpose. It will be the best way to celebrate Pasqual's 80th birthday, and the legacy of both.