Thematic axes Global Challenges

What is the cycle "Combat inequalities, the great global challenge?"

"Fighting inequalities: the great global challenge" is a project that proposes to initiate a set of activity focused on inequality that will contribute to generate the necessary debate in our country, to influence the public agenda, connect with the Global debates that are taking place, and explore the sensitivity of local agents to share the proposals of change that are being debated.

The cycle is part of the City to Citizens-C2C-global program that studies the great global challenges facing cities today. Inequality is the driving force behind this first round of debate of a cycle that includes conferences with international experts and dialogues on inequality, a lunch discussion with relevant economic, local and social actors, in addition of a seminary of experts in university and academic fields. The publication of a synthesis document and proposals from the different sessions of the cycle is also foreseen.

The cycle has the collaboration of: 

- Fundation la Caixa

- The Club of Rome

- Generalitat de Catalunya 

- Area Metropolitana de Barcelona

- Barcelona city Council

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