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Urban structure and segregation: A century in Barcelona

This publication aims to offer a quantitative analysis of a century to find out if the different territorial policies applied in Barcelona - especially those of the last decades - have been effective in controlling the problems of segregation or urban discrimination. The study consists of four essays that have the main objective of identifying the determinants of the distribution of citizens' groups in Barcelona according to the urban structure of the city and the policies applied by the public administration over time. This last dimension also allows us to review Pasqual Maragall's thoughts and actions in this area, during his time as Mayor in the Barcelona City Council.

The study is the result of the aid to the Pasqual Maragall Legacy Research 2017 that was awarded to the professors of the Department of Applied Economics of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ??Rosella Nicolini, Miguel Ángel García López and José Luis Roig Sabater.

The Research Assistance Legacy Pasqual Maragall has the support of the Barcelona City Council and the Department of the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia.