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Proposals for a sustainable and resilient socio-economic transition

The Fundació Catalunya Europa together with BBVA, within the framework of the Re-City project, present “Proposals for a sustainable and resilient socio-economic transition”, a document with more than 50 brave and determined proposals to move towards a more inclusive society, sustainable, green and resilient, ready to adapt to the challenges of a global world full of uncertainties.

This document arises from different conferences, seminars and talks between international experts in the field of climate change: Peter Newman, Kevin Winter, Alistair Woodward, Koen de Ridder, John Roemer, Ana Huertas, Rob Hopkins, Sladjana Mijatovic, Kirsten Dunlop, Stephen Nolan, Diana Reckien and Barbara Maher; and representatives of the academic, business, trade union and institutional world of Catalonia. These meetings served to address different aspects of climate change, such as mobility, air pollution, heat islands, the circular economy, financing and more sustainable living models, and international cooperation to address the uncertainties and challenges of climate change. Therefore, the 50 proposals defined in this document are the result of consensus among the different representatives of the business, trade union and institutional sector of Catalonia.

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