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Airy Maragall Garrigosa, new president of the Catalunya Europa Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the Catalonia Europa Foundation has unanimously elected Airy  Maragall Garrigosa as the new president of the entity.

Airy Maragall, until now vice-president of the Catalunya Europa Foundation, will occupy the presidency to replace Josep Maria Vallès , who has been in charge of this responsibility from February 2020 until October 25, 2022, the date of the meeting of board in which the relief was approved.

Airy Maragall (Barcelona, ??1969) is a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. The Executive Committee of the foundation continues to be made up of Guillem Maragall Garrigosa (vice-president), Dolors Camats, Dolors Clavell, Oriol Nel·lo, Enric Marín Otto, Joaquim Coello, Josep Maria Vallès and Max Vives-Fierro (secretary). Pau Mas is the director of the foundation.

The Catalunya Europa Foundation was born in 2007 as a result of the pro-European vocation of Pasqual Maragall i Mira , who is its founder and current honorary president.

From the Foundation, we want to thank the work done by the current president, Josep Maria Vallès, in this last stage marked by the pandemic and for the launch of new projects framed in the goals and the foundational manifesto  of the entity.

In this link you can consult the rest of the organizational chart, made up of the members of the Board of Trustees and the members of the Advisory Council of the Foundation.