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Reports and research

Winners and Losers in the Integration Process: Rethinking the European Union from a European Citizenship Perspective

"Winners and losers in the integration process: Rethinking the European Union from a Perspective of European Citizenship" is the winning work of the VI Edition of the Catalunya-Europa 21st Century Award - Banco Sabadell Foundation.

The study reflects on the existence of winning and losing citizens in the process of European integration. According to the author, Javier Arregui, today's European society is divided into two parts made up of different social groups that coexist but are at the same time separated in the process of European integration. The study shows that European integration policies clearly benefit around 20% of European citizens, while the remaining 80% is not identified in the European integration process and, if they do, is marginally so.

European policies therefore favor those people who meet certain conditions of training and work method. Based on this premise, the work proposes proposals to redirect the integration process through shared values, experiences, institutions and public policies.


Democracy  Europe  Award