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The research group led by Dr. Rosella Nicolini receives Research Aid "Legacy Pasqual Maragall 2017"

After the deliberations, the jury of the call for the Aid to the Research "Legacy Pasqual Maragall 2017" formed by two members of the Academic Advisory Council of the FCE, Josep Maria Bricall and Antoni Castells and a member of the executive committee, Pere Almeda, meeting last Wednesday July 9, have decided to grant the Research Aid "Pasqual Maragall Legacy" to the project "Urban Structure and Segregation: a century in Barcelona", chosen from 17 proposals. The project will be developed by the research group formed by Dr. Rosella Nicolini and Drs. Miguel Ángel García-López and José Luis Roig Sabaté, from the Department of Applied Economics of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. The objective of the project is to address the problem of the degree of social cohesion in Barcelona and its determinants in terms of the urban structure, focusing on the different segments of the population and their communities.