"Social and Urban Innovation to fight against Inequalities", Frank Moulaert and Marisol García

Through his academic and professional experience, Frank Moulaert presents an alternative way to combat social inequalities centered on the collaboration of three actors: companies, governments and local actors. For Moulaert, it is essential to understand the concept of social innovation throughout history. According to Moulaert, we can define social innovation as the new ideas, models and services that have the virtue of satisfying new social needs and well-being based on new relationships between the actors involved from a collaborative culture, in order to fight against the problems of integration and inequality in our societies. Moulaert believes that the idea of ??"bottom-linked governance" should be promoted for better social development. Through its projects and studies related to the development of integrated areas, Moulaert proposes a new way, with much local emphasis, to be able to combat inequalities.


Inequalities  Re-City  Re-Think