Pasqual Maragall Legacy

Enric Juliana is the next invitate of the Dinner-debate Claris

Policy in the time of confusion

Date: Tuesday, October 30 at 9:00 p.m.

Place: Hotel Claris

Price: € 35

On October 30, a new edition of the Claris Tertulia-Dinner will take place at the Claris Hotel in Barcelona. The price is € 35 and attendance must be confirmed because places are limited. On this occasion, the guest is the journalist and deputy director of the Vanguardia that will deliver the conference "Policy in the time of confusion". The journalist will talk about how media fragmentation affects the political story.

Inscriptions available in this link.

Payment will be effectuated the same day of the dinner. Participants will have free parking in Hotel Claris.