Professional internships

*Without vacancies

Fundació Catalunya Europa has a program of professional internships for students who are in their last year of degree or a master's or postgraduate degree in social sciences and who have an interest in Europe and in the main challenges that society must face in the 21st century. Since 2010 the Foundation has agreements with the main Catalan universities and with other study centers to welcome students who want to do both curricular and extracurricular practices.

Students in internships 2017-2018

Virginia Castillo, 4th year student of political science and administration at the UAB

Emilio Quintana, 4th year student of law degree at the UAB

Anna Pescador, master student of International Relations at the UAB

Alexandros Triantaphyllou, master student of International Relations at the UAB

Ana Luna, 4th year student of political science degree at the UB

Nuria Franqueza, 4th year student of political science degree at the UB

Alberto Rodríguez, master student of European Integration at the UAB

Elisabeth Stankovits, International Relations student at Lafayette College

In addition, the Foundation has two consolidated programs of assistance and a prize for research for researchers in the field of social sciences:

- Scolarship for Researchers in the "Pasqual Maragall Legacy"- This aid is part of the Pasqual Maragall Legacy program to carry out research on the main areas in which the thinking and political action of Maragall materialized, both in its historical dimension and in its current approach. The help is € 5,000 for a period of one year.

- "Catalunya Europa 21st Century" Prize - With the support of the Bank Sabadell Foundation, the FCE awards research that has already been completed on the main key challenges for the contemporary European Union in a globalized and interdependent world. The prize is € 2,500.