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Agreement with Metropolis

Another of the important goals of the Re-City platform is the creation of the Observatory for Social Sustainability thanks to the agreement with Metropolis, World Association of the Major Metropolises that brings together the governments of 139 urban agglomerations worldwide. With 33 years of history, today the association is the focal point of expertise on metropolitan governance.

At the beginning, the following 30 cities were selected that will be those that will be part of the pilot plan of the observatory:

  • Abidjan
  • Cairo
  • Bamako
  • Casablanca
  • Dakar
  • Johannesburg
  • Bangkok
  • Shanghai
  • New Delhi
  • Jakarta
  • Teheran
  • Seoul
  • Istanbul
  • Bruxelles
  • Paris
  • Berlin
  • Athens
  • Barcelona
  • Buenos Aires
  • La Paz
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Santiago de Chile
  • Bogotá
  • Quito
  • San Salvador
  • City of México
  • Montevideo
  • Montreal
  • Atlanta