Debate of Journalists on the occasion of Europe Day

The EU, at the polls. What is at stake in the June 9 election?

The Catalunya Europa Foundation and APEC are organizing a debate on the occasion of Europe Day on Tuesday 14 May at 6 pm with the participation of Anna Bosch, Joan Raventós and Laia Forès

On May 9, 1950, Robert Schuman, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, gave a speech that would be the seed of the current European Union, the so-called Schuman Declaration. It was only five years after the end of the Second World War and in a traumatized continent where the wounds of the conflict were still raw.

Almost 75 years later, the EU is again facing a war scenario with two major conflicts that make headlines day after day: one, a few kilometers away, Ukraine; the other, the eternal conflict, in Gaza. A climate of war has prevailed in Europe and, in the corridors of Brussels, the voices calling for rearmament are increasingly in the majority. A perfect rhetoric for an extreme right that is growing all over the continent.

In addition to geopolitical tensions, there are economic, technological, social, energy and commercial challenges. A very long list of challenges that challenge Europe and that at the gates of summer can take one direction or another. Between June 6 and 9, European citizens are called to the polls to elect our representatives to the European Parliament, the only EU institution elected by direct suffrage.

What is at stake in these elections? What real impact will it have on our daily lives? Is the threat of a major war in Europe real? What representation will the extreme right get and why? How will it affect the European Commission? And climate policies? What do we have to say?

On the occasion of Europe Day, the Catalunya Europa Foundation and APEC are organizing a debate to deal with these issues at the hands of three journalists with extensive experience in the international field: Anna Bosch (TVE), Joan Raventós (TV3) and Laia Forès (Correspondent in Paris for Ara, Cuatro and Telecinco) who will intervene online.