Round table on "The right to housing"

On Monday, June 19, the Catalunya Europa Foundation held the Roundtable "The Right to Housing" in the Classroom Europe that brought together a large number of guests from various areas of expertise within the field of the " housing Mr Bernhard von Grünberg was accompanied by the German Socialist Party (SPD) and a member of the Social Affairs and Housing Committee of Bonn City Council; the gentlemen Xavier Aspachs and Pau Pérez of solidarity house of the Bank of Sabadell; Mr. Josep Mª Vilanova, architect, urban planner and professor at the Escola Tècnica Superior d'Arquitectura del Vallés (ETSAV); Mrs. Ada Llorenç, architect, town planner and landscaper; Mrs. Montserrat Prats by the City Council of Barcelona; Mr. Carlos Macías for the Affiliated Mortgage Platform (PAH), Mrs. Milagros Pérez-Oliva for the newspaper El País; Mrs. Maria Sisternas Tusell for the NOW Journal; Mrs. Ester Arroyo Arayuelas, Professor of Civil Law at the University of Barcelona and Mr. Tiphaine Laurent and Mrs. Laura Garcia de Paoli representing the Union of Tenants

The debate at the round table focused on the singularities of the housing market in Germany (cities of Berlin and Bonn) and in the city of Barcelona and the rise in the rental price due to the real estate bubble that has occurred very recently in the city of Barcelona.

The presence in the act of Mr. Oriol Nelloo, city planner and collaborator of the Barcelona City Council, gives us the opportunity to review the situation and actions in the housing sphere of the Barcelona City Council, which he presented.

Mr. Carles Macias explained that in order to deal with the housing crisis in Barcelona, ??courageous politicians and courageous politicians are required, exposing data on the number of evictions in Spain and the number of empty housing in Spain.

Ms. Ester Arroyo Amayuelas reiterated the legal problem of the LAU, criticized the short duration of the contract (3 years) and asked about the possibility of a Catalan LAU. Ms. Aida Llorenç explained the social drama that represents the rise in prices and the unity of the fall in salaries. Also point out the need to think who will be the next beneficiary of the income of the average tourism that Barcelona looks for as an economic destination. I raised the question of the resulting situation if the Airbnb service in the city of Barcelona was eliminated.

The talk was concluded Mr. Vilanova explaining that we have gone from the emergence of mortgages to emergence of rents; of the loss of the home by not being able to pay rent for the social emergency of having 230,000 young people between 25 and 34 years old and 140,000 more than those between 15 and 24 years old who can not cope with the expense represented by housing

Find the detailed explanation of the most relevant points and conclusions of the round table in the report on the right to housing made by the FCE collaborator Clara Martínez.