The Catalunya Europa Foundation presents the results of the paper "Buisness and Training in Work Centers: Effects of 10 years of crisis"

The Catalunya Europa Foundation presented the preliminary results of the study "Business and Training in Work Centers: Effects of 10 years of crisis" at the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce.

Josep Francí, responsible for territory and professional qualification of the Chamber of Commerce and Francesc Colomé, Xavier Farriols and Rubén García, all three co-authors of the report, have led and presented this seminar. The event was presented to about twenty attendees, most of whom came from the educational world, who were able to take part in it, expressing their impressions and views on the results of the study.

The study was based on data collected in recent years by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, and has drawn some interesting conclusions, focusing mainly on vocational training students.

The researchers highlighted that there is a high return of adults who are recycled through VET and that, with respect to the crisis years, there is an increase in the number of students who continue to study at the end of their previous formative period. It also increases the number of students who combine work with study. According to the data collected in this study, there is a significant improvement in salary and type of contract when the student in a higher education degree cycle completes his / her studies. At the same time, the undergraduate cycles are consolidated as a way to access university studies. In addition, their graduates often get higher paid jobs.

The economic crisis has also played a role in early school leaving. According to this study, when low unemployment shows a labor-effect and vice versa, when unemployment rises, the labor market is more dependent on the labor force to the detriment of the high added value bring the worker through their training.

In terms of gender, there is a gap between men and women, although this is largely offset by studies in the health sector and socio-health care.

The authors have also identified company tutors as a key element in the proper operation of workplace training.