Presentation and debate

Exploring the limits of consensus to combat inequalities

Date: 20th June 18:30h

Place: Col·legi d'Economistes de Catalunya (Pl. Gal·la Placídia, 32. Barcelona)

Free entrance with previous inscription. 

The plataform Re-City organises the presentation of the document "Exploring the limits of consensus", that is part from the cycle of debates "Combating inequalities", to stard a set of activities focused on inequality that contribute to generate the necessary debate to have an impact on the public agenda, connecting the main global debates that are being produced and exploring the sensibility of local agents to share change proposals. 

Thus, we want to transfer the agreed proposals in the corporate, institutional and civil world from a different range of action: business, laboral, institutional and public policies and taxation. Moreover, why it's important for business to combat inequalities. Facing the growing inequality, the answers to articulate go beyond, we have to combat the inequalities that appear in a local and global level to rethink how we can surpass them.