Diana Reckien

Urban challenges for Climate change

The increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has led to an increase in global temperature with effects that are already evident in many places all over the world. If we don’t act, we face an uncertain and unknown future where more vulnerable societies will be the ones that will suffer the most. However, developed societies will not be left out.

In Paris 2015 the international community mobilized again, as it was done in Kyoto 1997, to try to slow down, as far as possible, the drastic effects predicted by the scientific community through the various reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Paris meant a great international agreement to try to limit the global increase in temperature and the effects of climate change. The actions implied by this agreement deeply affect economy, commerce, transport, health and society in general. Is it possible to stop climate change? What does science say? What changes must we implement to face climate change? What does the increase of 2ºC mean for the inhabitants of the Mediterranean area? What effects does it have on people, society and economy? How will our life change? Are we prepared enough? What can we do from the cities? 

The guest speaker on this occasion will be Diana Reckien, Doctor of the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and Geo-Information Management from University of Twente (The Netherlands).

The conference will be held in English and translation into Catalan will be available.