“Europe is not an abstract in which we we should look to mirror. Europe is a living reality. ”
PASQUAL MARAGALL, Foundation President
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Economy and Welfare

The study of economics from the paradigm of well-being and sustainability allows the analyst in a transversal and multidisciplinary way to add to macroeconomic policies of growth, as well as other dimensions such as, inequality, sustainable development and citizen´s quality of life (health, pensions, tax reforms, and income distribution). From this point of view, it is understood that welfare economics must not only ensure the coverage of basic needs of citizens, but also enhance the rights, capabilities and freedoms of individuals. The aim of this program is to facilitate reflections on these issues, evaluate public policies linked to sustainable development and social welfare and propose potential reforms on the Catalan and European levels. It is imperative that this goal is developed simultaneously through the exchange of knowledge between the academic world, public institutions and the private sector.

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